Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

For millennia, the unbroken circle of a wedding ring has symbolised the eternal and unbroken bond of love between spouses. The ancient Egyptians made rings from braided reeds and hemp that were worn on the fourth finger of the left-hand. They chose this finger, the same finger that is still used in most western cultures today, as they believed that the vein of love ran directly from this finger to the heart.

This practice was followed by the ancient Greeks and Romans who swapped reeds for leather, bone, or ivory to form their wedding rings.

For men, the history of wearing a wedding ring is far shorter.

During the first world war, men shipped miles overseas started to wear wedding rings to have something tangible and permanent with them to still feel connected to their wife. This trend grew even more during the second world war and by the start of the 1950’s had become the standard practice for both husband and wife to wear wedding rings and they would nearly always be a plain, gold band.

Modern wedding rings

There are really no rules when it comes to wedding rings today. Whether you choose to follow tradition, add a flash of individuality, or follow a cultural tradition like the Irish Claddagh ring or Italian Fede ring (both with two hands clasped) you need to be true to yourself and choose a ring that you will love as much on your wedding day as you will on the day of your ruby engagement party.

Should our wedding rings match?

Not necessarily. You and your partner are going to be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your lives, so you both need to be comfortable in your choices.

What metal should I choose?

The bride’s wedding ring should match the same metal as her engagement ring to avoid tarnish and wear. For men, there are many options ranging from traditional gold to hard wearing titanium. It’s a good idea to keep your lifestyle and hobbies in mind, if you work with your hands a lot then a stronger metal may be a better option.

What about precious stones?

Absolutely, the best advice however is to always keep your engagement ring in mind and how your wedding ring may compliment or clash with it.

What if I want something completely unique?

At Opulenti, our incredible designer is an expert at turning your vision into a reality. We can bring to life your perfect wedding ring and advise you on every step of the process, from the perfect metal to the ideal ring style and profile that captures exactly what you want.